September 30, 2023



About 100 BTC was stolen from the Blender Wallet

On June 22, a non-custodial Blender Wallet was attacked, as a result of which attackers allegedly stole about 100 BTC (about $3.2 million at the time of the incident). This is stated on the project’s website.

Immediately after the hack, the Blender Wallet team disabled the ability to log in to the application and create new seed phrases.

“Blender Wallet does not store user data on its servers. However, now seed phrases and passwords are considered compromised. We ask you not to use the addresses generated from these phrases and not to send anything to them,” they said.

In the communication channels that the team representatives traditionally used, they promised to compensate for the stolen funds at the expense of the Blender mixer’s reserve funds.

DeFi Project on Binance Smart Chain Lost $500,000 Due to Attack

The Impossible Finance (IF) DeFi project operating in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem has been attacked using instant loans.

Representatives of the project stated that they will fully compensate the funds deposited in the liquidity pools. They promised to inform users about the investigation of the incident, but did not specify how much the unknown person withdrew.

SushiSwap developer Mudit Gupta noted that we are talking about $500,000. The expert also drew a parallel with the recent attack on the DeFi protocol BurgerSwap.